About me

Hello! My name is Simona – artist, currently living in Finland. Here is my story:Simona-48

My passion for art started at early age. My parents opened their first art gallery when I was 7 years old. I remember spending most of my summer holidays in the gallery, surrounded by unique handicrafts and paintings. My mom, a self-thought silk painter, managed to produce own fashion collections  of silk painted clothes and held fashion shows, while I was still in elementary school. Although she was busy working on new designs, she would always find time to teach me how to paint on scarves. I still keep my first scarves as a reminder of how my style and skills have evolved during the years.


Growing up in an artistic family, it happened without a surprise that art will remain a big part of my life. In 2012, I graduated as a Bachelor of Engineering Design. My studies were focused on many aspects of the design: graphic design, interior design, advertisement, industrial design. Acquiring knowledge in all these areas has helped me broaden my understanding of design and later choose the direction I wanted to continue with.


Experimenting with different mediums, helped me choose the ones, I most enjoyed working with: watercolour and silk painting. Both techniques are very similar. What I find fascinating about them is the unique blend  between the paint and the water. It changes many times before my eyes, until it dries completely, witnessing this magnificent scene feels like meditation. I have been painting on scarves for  more than 15 years. Although my style has changed throughout the years, it has remained colourful. Thus my artistic name  : Colorfully yours, Simone.


Whimsical, colourful and fun-that`s what most of my watercolours are. I love painting different scenes from the Little Prince book, animals, birds, feathers everything beautiful that catches my eye, I love to put on paper.

Digital painting is a new passion of mine and I learn new things every day.  Designing the flashcards for my work place was not only fun but it also inspired me to continue with the digital painting and create more illustrations.

Thank you for reading my story!