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DIY: How to make a Hand painted Recipe Book

My first months in Finland were very productive! Apart from painting, I was also interested in experimenting with different recipes. I was writing the recipes on different notes, so eventually I would loose them all. Then I decided to buy a nice recipe book. I searched in some webpages that sell handmade but the books were either too pricey or were not what I was looking for…

So I decided to buy some materials and make myself the recipe book I had envisioned! And here it is! Follow the steps and you will have truly one of a kind recipe book!

1.Organize your work place! For this DIY you are going to need:

  • acrylic paint
  • brushes/different sizes
  • pallet
  • inc
  • White Sketchbook Canvas Cover Spiral
  • varnish


Have you noticed the Little Owl Cosette on the mug? 🙂 Click here to get your own mug!

2.Paint the covers in one color


When applying the acrylic paint- mix it with a bit of water. The paint shouldn`t be too waterish.13

3.Apply gold acrylic paint7

After the paint has dried, apply a second layer of gold or silver paint. While the gold paint is still wet- start making lines with the pallet-as shown on the picture.

4.Paint your design


Always have an idea of the design you want to draw. Free your imagination and experiment with different colours,materials. I decided to draw a cupcake because the previous day I baked some really good looking cupcakes and I got really inspired and wanted to draw them 🙂 

5.Paint your logo on the back cover8


Adding a logo is not mandatory but it adds more individuality to your craft. If you are making this book as a gift for a friend, this would be a great way to sign your gift!

6. Apply a varnish

Once the paint has dried completely, apply the varnish. Leave it to dry.



7. Your new AWESOME recipe book is finished! 9

TIP: If you are into scrap-booking, you can make all the pages of your book truly unique and beautiful. I used many stamps and washi tapes for my book.



Apart from recipe books I also made BABY BOOKS!

You can order your unique BOOK made by me from here.




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