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How to draw cartoon portraits from photographs

Do you want to create a cool cartoon of yourself or a friend? This might be a perfect gift for a loved one!  You never know, maybe you too have cartoonist skills!

So this easy-step tutorial is just for you! It is important to build your own style as a cartoonist but hey, nobody was born knowing how to draw! So grab your pencil and get to work!

a2Start by making a quick sketch of your model.Don`t go for the first cartoon you sketch. Make a couple, so that you can choose the best one to transfer on the paper.a6

After choosing the right sketch of you/your friend you can transfer it on a nice paper (300gr. non acid aquarelle paper). Start colouring.    

a5  Mix the colours, instead of applying them plain. The more vibrant the colours- the richer the painting. Of course don`t improvise too much with the colours- stick to the original picture. 

11111Once I apply the main colours I get into detail and work more precisely with a thin brush so that the small details pop out of the whole image and catch the eye. 


Don`t forget to sign your master piece! If you don`t respect your art no one will!


Don`t forget to wrap your gift nicely! Everybody loves well wrapped presents!

Here are some more pictures of cartoonized portraits I have made with some tips and reminders for you:

I hope you enjoyed my tutorial! If you like my style of painting you can have a cartoon portrait made by me! Have a look here.




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