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How to paint birds in watercolor. Part I

One thing I love about Finland is that despite living in the capital you are always surrounded by nature. Waking up and seeing chickadees at your window, watching squirrels chasing each other, became something usual. But I can never get use to that view! This is the fuel for my imagination and inspirational brush!

Artists have different periods in their artistic path. For exampe, Picasso and Van Gogh had “Blue” period for quite some time. I am in my “BIRD” period at the moment! 🙂

That`s why I want to share with you my passion and show you how to draw birds in watercolor. 

Materials you are going to need:

  • watercolor paper
  • ink
  • dip pen
  • watercolor paint
  • brushes
  • spray bottle

    1. Spray some ink on the paper9

I wanted to paint a really colourful bird, so I searched in the internet. This bird came out as one of the most colourful birds. It is called “Lilac-breasted roller” and inhibits Tanzania. So I put some ink mixed with water in a spray bottle and sprayed different colours on the paper. 

Note:I used the image in the background as inspiration, you should also find your own style and not copy artists own styles of drawing or use their photos without permission. 

2. Make a sketch of the bird


Once the ink on the paper has dried. Sketch the bird with a pencil.

3. Apply different colours.

3Experiment on a separate paper with different colours. Start with applying only one colour at a time. Then apply another one, you can use the dip pen even at that stage but be careful not to add to much black ink. 

4. Get into detail

It`s simple: add colour and then draw with the dip pen. Draw some detailed feathers. Apply some gold paint- it will add light to your painting.



5. Play with water and ink

Seriously, just put a drop of ink and water on the paper and blow air towards the drop. Add more water and more ink-different colours and blow. There you go! You have unique abstract tree for your bird!  



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