The Annual Samba Carnival in Helsinki

When I heard for the first time “Samba Carnival in Helsinki”, I got a bit confused…”Wait,what? Wasn`t that festival in Brazil?” I guess many of you didn`t know that samba dances are quite popular in Finland, and that there is even annual carnival that has been held in Helsinki for 25 years already.


And yes, it`s influenced by Brazilian traditions. Besides that, the Finnish carnival is much smaller than the Rio Carnival, and it is held in June, which is understandably because of the significant 20-25 degrees during that month.


The Association of Samba Schools in Finland (ASSF) is an umbrella organization uniting all Finnish samba schools, whose purpose is to promote samba in Finland.


The association consists of seven member schools: Império do Papagaio and Forca Natural from Helsinki, Samba Carioca from Turku, Samba el Gambo from Kokkola, Samba Maracanã from Lahti, Samba Tropical from Seinäjoki and União da Roseira from Tampere. Sambic has been a supporting member of ASSF since 2004.

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It`s the second time I have had the chance to observe this spectacular dance of colours and Brazilian rhythms. It`s amazing- the energy and passion all dancers from different ages dance with. Despite the rainy weather, this year`s carnival was full of positive vibes, colourful costumes and many happy faces! The energy is so powerful that it makes you want to join this beautiful parade. 9

Here are some of the most beautiful moments I managed to capture with my camera.Enjoy!

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