Why I came to Finland

There can`t be more suitable first blog post to MY FINLAND section than answering this important question many people have asked me: Why did you come to Finland?

According to the assumptions people have made about my coming to Finland, it might be mainly because of the following reasons:

  1. Studies
  2. Finnish boyfriend
  3. I am a MOOMIN fan
  4. I am fan of Heavy Metal Music
  5. I like cold and dark winter
  6. Other

Nope, it`s not because I like heavy metal music 😀 !

In year 2013, my boyfriend and I decided that we want to do our Master degree abroad. It was difficult to find University that has suitable Master programs for both of us (he studied Marketing and I graduated as an Engineer Designer but wanted to specialize in Applied Arts). My boyfriend had already visited Finland while he was on his ERASMUS exchange program in Seinäjoki. So eventually we decided to give it a try and we applied for studies in Finland. My partner got accepted but I was not. And there it was the dilemma for me:

  1. Do a Master degree in Bulgaria and wait for my boyfriend 2 years until he graduates so we could be together
  2. Move to Finland with my love and see how it will go

Yep, as you can see I chose option N.2 ! And I haven`t regret my decision ever since! Almost 3 years have passed since I first set foot on this land and so far I like it…

My first 3 years as an expat

Nope, that`s not how I have been dealing with things here :D
Nope, that`s not how I have been dealing with things here 😀

In the begging was so difficult, not that now is very easy, but there were times when I was seriously considering going back… and I am glad that I stayed! Not speaking Finnish, made finding a job not very easy. I remember spending my days (while applying for jobs) painting scarf after scarf and experimenting with new recipes. And eventually I became a better cook and an artist 😀 .


My first job was as a Sales Representative! It was the best way for me to get familiar with the city and its inhabitants, with the challenging language and the Finnish culture as a whole. Diving into a new and challenging job is what will motivate you enough to get out of your comfort zone and  make your integration in the society faster. At least it worked out this way for me!

I practised other professions in Finland as well, such as: bartender, waitress, cashier,cook and a designer, oh, but they were all in one place! Nooooo, I wasn`t being exploited, the place was just quite big and there wasn`t work all the time so I had to be all around.

My work as a designer.This was my first mural ever!
My work as a designer.This was my first mural ever!

And again, I was so happy I had a job! My first impression of the Finnish customers was that they all speak English very well (even though they deny it all the time), they are polite and patient and they never leave a tip :D. I worked for 7 months in that place , which makes it oficially THE LONGEST that I have been employed (at that time). And here is the reason why: When I was a student I used to work every Summer holiday-so I couldn`t stay for longer than 4 months!

My wonderful time as an Entertainer/Animator in Sol Melia Hotel.

Soon after I became jobless again I found a new work placement,which is still my current job! I work with kids, aged 3-9 years. I love the Finnish system of Education! Working with kids has been so great and rewarding. Finnish winter can be quite long and dark so my cure for depression is: doing my colourful and whimsical art alongside with doing my joyful work! The result is: one not so long and hectic winter!

This little owl, named Cosette, was inspired by the Finnish winter 

Another aspect of my job that I began to like is that I finally can enjoy my Summer Holiday (and other mid term holidays as well). Last year I had my first Summer FREE in 10 years! It was strange in the beginning…but I travelled a lot and I did a lot of painting! It was amazing, so I did the same this year again! Oooops, I am starting to write about things that don`t belong to the subject…so anyway that was my story for the time being in Finland, I will keep you posted with more and interesting stuff about this beautiful land and my adventures here!




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